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Club under a policy of clients will be benefit from each others by getting to know information about any trendy hot in materials supplies and provide a channel to source good quality raw material. It's free of member charges.

Red Star Holdings Ltd. is registered in Hong Kong and has invested facilities in mainland China to consolidate full ranges of service in OEM/ODM Manufacture, R&D, Raw Materials Purchasing, Products Sourcing & Cargo Inspection,Travel Agent, Consultant in Products Sales Distribution & Advertisement in mainland.China.

Club Notions supply wild ranges of Textiles, Yarns, Sewing Notions, Fashions Accessories and Garment Manufacturing Supplies to each Oversea Agents, Craft & Fashion Designers, Importers and Industrial manufacturers. Today Club Notions also covers Accessories, Tools and Supplies for Hobby, Art Crafts Stationery & Giftware. All of the efforts are intend to provide our esteemed customers a superior, classic and concentrated selection for the Sewing Arts Industry by means of Retails packaging.

Club Notions will bring all of the best service to the ultimate buyers. We wish all of our clients would be benefit from our service and provide their valuable comments

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